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What we do

From your initial instruction onward, 1st Collection Services Ltd is a company designed to assist you in recovery of monies owed whilst allowing you to retain an excellent trading relationship with your customer. We can however take the debt down a legal collection route if all else fails.

As a service, we can be introduced at any stage of your collection cycle, from checking the customer has received the invoices and approved them through to securing a payment date.

Or we can take over from where your own collection process has failed to secure payment, making a number of calls and sending letters of varying strength all controlled by you.

We can provide information as to whether the client you wish to recover your debt from is likely to be able to pay monies owed and if necessary, take matters through the court process with advice at all stages on the best and worst outcome for your claim.

Our business is structured to enhance your cash flow and take the stress of debt recovery from you.

Contact us on 0845 366 1069 if you wish to know more about our service. We will be happy to see if we can assist you or alternatively, you can email us at